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Gemak Trade started distributing the new MAGIC products today. Our factory for the production of nuts and healthy snacks, Magic MG, has prepared 24 products, of which 13 products are innovations in the Macedonian market. We have started a new era of this brand under the umbrella of the Maliqi Group, which has been improved..

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Today, the team of 20 incredible women from Maliqi Group celebrated another victory at the Avicenna Women’s Race on World Health Day. We congratulate them on their courage and success!

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Employees of the “Maliqi Group” group have registered in the Register of voluntary bone marrow donors, hoping that at least 40 people suffering from leukemia from anywhere in the world will be helped to stay alive.Referring to our altruistic convictions, the volunteers from “Maliqi Group” donated only 5 ml of blood, and thus entered the..

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At the thrilling Second Annual Event, the Top 40 managers from the Maliqi Group embarked on an incredible journey. During their captivating speeches, they expressed their unwavering passion and unwavering dedication to the team, and divulged their visions and forthcoming projects. Moreover, the esteemed general directors of our existing companies in Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia..

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Volunteers from Maliqi group, under the auspices of the international company Diageo, as part of the Borenka project, reforested almost one hectare of burned area in Berovo, with about 2,000 new indigenous seedlings. The commitment of the Maliqi Group speaks of the commitment to protect the environment and protect the planet for future generations. Volunteers..

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The company Maliqi Group is the winner of an award for philanthropy at the prestigious Top 100 economic event in the country, organized by the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia. The award was given to Rron Maliqi, the son of Alban Maliqi, one of the board members of the Maliqi Group. At the event, awards..

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Dear colleagues, We hosted an exceptionally successful team-building event this weekend (October 7-8, 2023) in the village of Kuchkovo, Macedonia, and Gjakova, Kosovo. This team-building opportunity not only provided fun and relaxation but also fostered strong collaboration among colleagues, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on Maliqi Group’s future productivity and success. These events..

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Film and culture is no longer a privilege, it is a necessity. Like water, like the air we breathe. With this message from actress and producer Labina Mitevska, she received the award “A big star on Macedonian film” at the opening of the 44th edition of the International film camera festival “Manaki Brothers”, to which..

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Mr. Altin Maliqi, one of the owners and member of the board of directors of Maliqi Group, was part of the event “Club of Responsible Businesses” which was held under the auspices of the President of the State Mr. Stevo Pendarovski, and was renewed as part of the USAID project, “Partnerships for Donation”. Maliqi Group..

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The Honorary consul of United Mexican States in North Macedonia, Mr.Alban Maliqi, member of the board of directors of Maliqi Group, yesterday was part of the diplomatic corps in Belgrade, Serbia, where Mr. Carlos Isauro Felix Corona, the ambassador of Mexico, organized a reception on the occasion of the Independence Day of this Latin American..

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