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Enver Maliqi Foundation

Respected Enver Maliqi

shared every moment with family, friends and co-workers, and saw all employees as part of the family.
It remains the legacy he left us as a path that we should follow, and that is to appreciate and love every moment in life, to love and respect our loved ones and the people around us, to be good people, not to stop improving and to always be better. He left us a great responsibility to continue his works, the mission and the greatness of the man he carried within himself.
The pain is immeasurable and timeless, but what gives us comfort are the deeds and the stamp he left on each of us and we are more than sure that he will live forever in all of us.

Enver Maliqi Foundation

We firmly believe in the postulate that no company can be completely successful without being responsible to the community and working in synergy with the needs of the society in which we live.

That was our motive to work on laying the foundations of the Enver Maliqi Foundation, which in his memory and with his legacy to continue with the same aspiration, will work to raise institutions and individuals that create additional value for society, in spheres of:


At the same time, our goal is to serve as a positive example and inspiration for others, for even greater involvement and socially responsible work, as a common mission of the entire business community.