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The Maliqi Group cares about the community

The Maliqi Group cares about the community

During the Easter holidays and the Iftar fasting, the “Enver Maliqi” Foundation donated food to citizens at social risk in the municipalities of Centar and Chair.

The joy of sharing, especially on the holidays, is excellent with all those employed in the Maliqi group. Twenty volunteers from the Four restaurant, Gemak, Parkland Hospitality Group, and Park Residence, all of them part of the Maliqi group, distributed an Iftar dinner for about 150 people living on Dijonska Street in Chair.
And in Madžir mahalo and Krnjevo, together with the mayor of the municipality of Center Goran Gerasimovski, we shared warm meals for more than 120 people.
It is our pleasure to give a hand to our neighbors, friends, and citizens of Skopje.

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