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We are celebrating one year of Maliqi group!

We are celebrating one year of Maliqi group!

One year ago, I formed the Maliqi group, which includes more than 10 super successful companies, some from Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, Albania and Germany.

After a one-year distance, we can say that we made a very good decision, especially if it is taken in view of the time of the Covid 19 pandemic.

A large part of the service industry, but also what the average buyer and consumer stopped, and we decided not to be afraid, we formed a group of companies that work in the sector of distribution and sale of alcohol and cigarettes, construction, real estate, and HoReka.

For now, we have stability and that will be enough for one year. Now is the ideal time to create a strategy for the new economic reality. Something that we previously considered a long-term decision has now become an everyday decision. Corporations do not take us out of our comfort zone, just like the pandemic, with one difference that we have a challenge with corporations, and we want to forget about the pandemic.

From now on, we think and plan, and that’s how we create strategies. We must not be alone on this path, the professionals behind us, our exceptionally high-quality employees, when the same strategy was advocated with the employees who reached the level of the company’s structure, stood behind us.

It’s been a year since we decided that we still have work to do, the next year we still have time to grow, we also have time to study, but we are satisfied with the results.

Today we will celebrate it, 1 birthday, and from tomorrow we will fight with new challenges.

Gratitude to everyone who participates in our progress and progress.

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