Vala Distributor


VALA DISTRIBUTION is a service for Kosovar consumer payments company founded in collaboration in 2014 and based in Prishtina, Kosovo. The company distributes and processes a variety of electronic transactions services, including mobile phone top ups, pre-paid and bill pay utility and parcel collection services. Over the years it has provided distribution of payment services to large keychains as well as independent retailers across Kosovo as well as covering Kosovar diaspora in EU with the same services. Our service empowers retailers to increase footfall to their stores by offering their customers convenient over-the-counter various payment solutions. With over 3000 sales points in Kosovo alone and millions of transactions made annually, these additional services attract more customers to stores, increasing revenue for retailers. Our focus, first and foremost, is to continue to deliver and improve on our excellent service. To us, that means further increasing the number of services that our retailers can offer to their customers, driving more coverage and over-the-counter accessibility.