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Enver Maliqi Foundation gladly supported the music-poetic and visual performance “Breathe Love”

Enver Maliqi Foundation gladly supported the music-poetic and visual performance “Breathe Love”

This year, the Enver Maliqi Foundation gladly supported the music-poetic and visual performance “Breathe Love”.

Its authors are Gian Emin and Tina Ivanova, and the premiere was held on March 25 at the Concert Hall of the Philharmonic.

The composer and conductor Gian Emin, in this performance, spoke thematically about love, for Skopje and masterfully managed to be a conductor, singer, and instrumentalist on stage.

The media evaluated this performance very positively, so for “Breathe Love” they wrote that it is a few minutes for the love shown in all her faces – sad, melancholic, even tragic, happy, exciting, or full of passion.

1. It is an unusual address to the audience, what did you want to achieve with your performance?

– The whole idea is contained in the very title “Breathe Love”. No matter how cliché or transparent the idea of ​​a love call may sound, if it is sincere and pure, it reaches everyone who has ever experienced that condition. The time we live in is stressful, with many limitations that we often set ourselves and forget about the basic essential conditions in life. Love is one of those main ingredients that make us human beings above all, to feel, to be ready to receive love, and to share love in all forms, whether it is love for family, partner, friends, nature, city, simply love of life. If at least for a moment we managed to arouse that feeling in the audience, our goal is achieved.

2 . Will “Breathe Love” gets a sequel or soundtrack?

We would be happy if we have the opportunity to share this musical-poetic visual performance with as many audiences as possible, not only in Skopje but also in the region. We have many ideas and wishes where we would like to present our project. We are already in the phase of post-production of the audio material from the performance that was recorded in the studio “Podrumot”. It will be ready for release soon and audiences will have the opportunity to listen to music on record, CD, or any of the digital platforms.

3. After all the restraints imposed by the Pandemic, can it be said that this premiere in the Philharmonic resurrected the concert events in Skopje?

– “Breathe love” should have happened exactly two years ago. The realization was prevented due to the beginning of the pandemic. I would be happiest if our event marked the end of the pandemic. According to the reactions of the audience, this event is definitely a kind of resurrection of the beautiful energy of Skopje and we are very happy about that.

4. How important is it for socially responsible companies to invest in cultural events that make a special mark on today’s music scene?

– Huge thanks to the “Enver Maliqi” foundation! Without the support of this foundation, we would not have had the opportunity to enter into realization. At a time when in our country one of the biggest sponsors of culture is the line ministry, it is difficult for real works of art to see the light of day. In such conditions, the influence of socially responsible companies is more important than ever.

5. What is the next stop for Gian Emin?

In the next period, several music releases will follow, the first of which will be the new material with my Magic Orchestra, which includes some of the best musicians in Macedonia. The material was recorded at the end of 2020 and the title of the album is that context “Bye Bye 20 20”. Then will follow the release of “Breathe Love” and very soon after the music from the performance Street, which is based on a text by Slavko Janevski. Additionally, I am preparing new music with the Magic Orchestra on the theme of Music for big and small children.

6. With which big names in music are you planning to collaborate this year and on which projects?

– This year, several big collaborations with serious names from the world of music should take place. One of them is the collaboration with Rambo Amadeus and ZJM Big Band with which we are planning a big concert with completely new arrangements of some of the biggest hits of Rambo Amadeus. Another such big collaboration will be with the Italian saxophonist Francesco Bearzati, who has been named the best jazz musician in Italy and Europe several times. A concert with pianist and electronic musician Francesco Tristano with a large orchestra is also planned. In addition to these events, there will be nice surprises with the Philharmonic’s open-air concerts in the City Park, concerts with the ZJM Big Band, and a few more pleasant surprises that will be officially announced soon.

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