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First, we hosted a captivating emotional intelligence training session for our leadership team. This inspiring event promises to foster an even more positive work culture within our organization, leading to increased efficiency and productivity across the board. Secondly, we proudly presented the results of our very first Employee Satisfaction Survey conducted within Enternet. This is..

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The Enver Maliqi Foundation is proud to present the newly renovated reading spaces of “Sadik Tafarshiku” Library!   This project creates a vibrant and inspiring space for all ages to explore the wonders of reading, develop essential skills, and connect with the community.   We believe education is the key to a brighter future, and..

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Gemak Trade started distributing the new MAGIC products today. Our factory for the production of nuts and healthy snacks, Magic MG, has prepared 24 products, of which 13 products are innovations in the Macedonian market. We have started a new era of this brand under the umbrella of the Maliqi Group, which has been improved..

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Today, the team of 20 incredible women from Maliqi Group celebrated another victory at the Avicenna Women’s Race on World Health Day. We congratulate them on their courage and success!

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