• Date : 2022
  • Name : Magic MG
  • Location : Ohrid, North Macedonia
  • Website : magic.com.mk

Magic, as a brand, was created in 1989 in Ohrid and is a producer of all types of nuts, grains, seeds, and dried fruits, which are distributed in Macedonia and soon in Kosovo and Albania. The Magic MG company, where the Magic brand is produced, has been a part of the Maliqi Group since July 2022 and is the youngest member company in the group. Currently, 24 products are available, but we are working on expanding the range. With a diverse range of offers, including unusual blends and innovative flavor combinations, Magic is the leading brand in the field of nut products in Macedonia, setting an example of quality in this competitive industry. After thorough market research, we are extremely proud to finally be able to offer our customers a new brand with high quality in the market.